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Nursery Fees 

Please see below for our current fees as from 1st August 2022*


Full Day (7.30am - 6.30pm): £56.00

Morning Session (7.30am - 1pm): £38.00

Afternoon Session (1pm - 6.30pm): £38.00

School Day (9am - 3pm):  £41.00 

Before School/Drop Off: £6.50

After School/Pick Up: £10.00

Holiday Club Full Day: £25.00

Holiday Club Morning: £19.00

Holiday Club Afternoon: £19.00

Extra Hours: £7.00 per hour

Fees are due on the 1st of each month (payable 1 month in advance, for those children on set weekly shifts). Fees are to be paid directly to the Nursery Account via Standing Order.

For those children on varying shifts or for any extra shifts, a monthly bill will be issued and is to be paid no later than the 15th of the month, including all voucher payments.


There will be a 5% discount for children attending nursery on a full time basis.

5% discount offered for siblings attending the nursery (no minimum session requirement)

Additional Charges:

Illness: Full fees will be required for the first week of illness, thereafter a 50% subsidised fee will be applied.

Late Collection Charges: £10 for up to 15 minutes late, unless previously discussed and agreed with the Manager.

Late Collection Charges: £20 for more than 15 minutes late, unless previously discussed and agreed with the Manager.

Late Payment Charge: £25 per week, will be charged for any late payments (unless previously discussed with the Manager).

Enrolment Fee: A £50 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your child's place. This will be deducted from your first months' fees.

3-4 year Funding: For those only accessing their free funded hours (i.e. making no payments for additional hours or sessions), there will be an additional charge of £4.75 per lunchtime dinner and £4.75 per afternoon tea, unless it is preferred to bring a healthy pack lunch from home.


Notice of Leaving: Please note, as per the terms and conditions of the nursery, 4 weeks is required for the intention to withdraw your child.

*Fee Increase August 2022 - we have ensured the price has been frozen for the last 15 months to try and keep our child care costs at an affordable amount for the families of the nursery but due to increased outgoings, increases in living wage and the huge rise in the cost of living, this is no longer sustainable


Financial Support

For those weighing up the financial benefits of going back to work/paying for childcare against staying at home, there are a number of financial support options that may be available to help with your childcare fees.


Tax - Free Childcare: Introduced in April 2017, the Tax-Free Childcare scheme enables you to claim £2 from the government (up to £2000 a year), for every £8 you pay into your online childcare account, which is then used to pay Station House nursery directly.

For more information and to see if you are eligible, please visit: Tax-Free Childcare - GOV.UK ( 


Childcare Vouchers: Childcare voucher schemes make childcare more affordable. It is where, through the company you work for you are able to apply for a percentage of your wage to be taken tax-free and converted into Childcare Vouchers that can be used (towards or in full) to pay for your child-care fees.

Please note, due to changes in the Government childcare support schemes, Childcare Vouchers are only able to be used towards your childcare costs if you signed up before 4th October 2018. 

If you are already signed up, we will be able to accept the following Childcare Vouchers at Station House.

Computershare - Fideliti - Edenred - Chamber Childcare - Kiddi Vouchers - You @ Work - Kids Unlimited - Sodexho - Care4 - Allsave - Childcare Solutions - Apple Childcare Vouchers - Gemelli RG Childcare.

 For more information, please visit: Help paying for childcare: Childcare vouchers and other employer schemes - GOV.UK ( 


Working Tax Credit: Working tax credit is a state benefit in the UK made to people who work on a low income. You could qualify to receive working tax credits if:
1) You are age 16 years or over
2) You work over a certain amount of hours per week
3) You get paid for the work you do
4) Your income is below a certain level

For more information and to see if you are eligible, please visit:

 The average amount of Working Tax Credit is £1,920 a year, but it can be more or less depending on your circumstances and income. If you wish to work out how much Working Tax Credit you could receive, please visit:

Care to LearnCare to Learn is intended to help enable young parents under the age of 20 to return to, or continue in their education after the birth of a child by assisting with the costs of childcare and associated travel.

The scheme can pay up to £160 a week for each child. Childcare payments are made directly to the childcare provider and any travel payments are made to the young parent’s education provider. 

For more information and to see if you are eligible, please visit: Care to Learn - GOV.UK (