Sharing Resources

Our "Sharing Resources" page is for you, our families of Station House Nursery.

We aim to share useful and practical information to you and your child to help bridge the gap between home and nursery.

We hope you enjoy browsing the resources below and find them inspiring as you experiment with new ideas and activities at home!


Sharing Resources Parent Suggestions!

At Station House Nursery we strive to do the best for our children and their families. We have created this "Sharing Resources" page to share activities, advice and information. If there is any information you would find helpful or would like to be added to this page, please feel free to send us a suggestion! We look forward to hearing from you!

Recommended Books:

What every parents needs to know (2007) 
Written by: Margot Sunderland

Play is what I do (2010)
PreSchool Learning Alliance publication.

Why Love Matters (2003)
Written by: Sue Gerhardt











Recommended Downloads:

Parents' Guide to the EYFS:


Understanding Schemas:

Activity Ideas and Recipes! 

Activity Ideas and Recipes!