Visiting the Nursery

We welcome you, as current and prospective parents to visit us at Station House Nursery at any time. We have an open door policy, where no appointment is necessary to come and have a look around, or you are more than welcome to give us a call to arrange a visit!

Whether it be: a first look around the nursery, to see our rooms, activities and resources; or as a current parent, to pop in to join your child as they have their tea or to watch them as they learn, grow and develop with their friends at nursery – we will always be happy to see you!

To ensure a safe and secure environment and to safeguard our children, we have a bio-metric thumbprint system on our front door. Current parents are invited to register their thumbprint on the system to enable instant access between the hours of 7.30am and 6.30pm (Mon-Fri) and to enable staff to share uninterrupted time with the children throughout the day.

For prospective parents, extended family and visitors there is a doorbell at the front door. This can be used to alert a member of staff of your presence, who will come and greet you, confirm your identity and welcome you in! A Sign-In book is also located in our Reception to ensure we are aware of everyone present in the Nursery in case of an emergency.

Settling in at Station House Nursery...

Upon registering your child at nursery, you are invited to come in for their initial 'Settling In' session(s) where information can be shared with your child's designated Key Person. A Care Plan and All About Me folder will be provided for all key information to be noted, and once all the formal stuff is out the way, it's time to get down and play!

The session(s) will be tailored to suit you and your child. We are happy to follow your lead; if you wish to stay, leave for an hour or so, or let them stay and play for a full session!
The choice is yours!


Your child's Nursery Journey is about to begin. 
Which ever stop they board the Station House Train,  
Lots of knowledge, fun and friends they will gain!

First Stop: Destination Exploration [Babies]
Second Stop: Destination Imagination [Toddlers]
Third Stop: Destination Pre-School Education [Pre-school]



Starting at Station House Nursery!

Each child will be given their own peg which will be shown to you on your first day for your coat, bag and spare shoes!

hings you may want to pack! 

Breakfast - if you enjoy having breakfast with your friends at nursery
Comforters for sleep time
Nappies + creams (Pampers Sensitive wipes are provided)
Lots of spare pants and socks if you are Potty/Toilet Training
Slippers for home-from-home comfort in our Nursery rooms
Outdoor shoes for fun in the garden
Wellies!!! - Come rain, or shine, water play is fun whatever the weather!
If the sun is out...labelled suncream and a sun hat
If it is chilly...warm hat, scarf and gloves 
Wet weather clothes for outside play and trips to the woods.
and most importantly...
Lots of spare nursery clothes!!!
We love to get messy and quite often very wet in our water play!
Sometimes our aprons slip, or even get forgotten about if we become so engrossed in creative exploration, so our play clothes often need to be changed!

NB: Please can you ensure all items of clothing/footwear are clearly labelled with your child's name.