Sunshine Room
(3-5 years)


Welcome to the Sunshine Room!

Practitioners Nicola and Sarah feel very privileged to support the children in their final stage at nursery, preparing them for their big move to school by helping them develop their independence, self-confidence and their social skills!

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Here is a personal message from the Nicola and Sarah:

"There is never a dull day in the Sunshine Room, whether it's creating potions in the explorative area, making Gruffalo pie for dinner, or scrambling through Hagg Wood! There is always something or someone that takes us by surprise by the extent of their knowledge, language and imagination!We thrive from supporting the children in their learning and development through our different learning groups. Using our 'Rising Fives' themed sessions we support the children in their early letters and sounds and progress to letter recognition and formation in preparation for school. We pride ourselves in using an enthusiastic and exciting approach to everyday experiences to help the children become independent in their learning and in developing new skills and abilities."