February 2014

Under the Sea!

Our Under the Sea interest began with our new Toddlers getting really excited over the nursery fish! Not only watching them swim in the tank, but taking their own and other parents to see them!

This led to the children becoming interested in all books relating to fish, looking at, and asking practitioners to read them stories, along with many others. Some of their favourites were 'Shark in the Dark' - 'Jolly Olly Octopus' and 'Hooray for Fish!'.

The children used paint and lots of different materials to stick and make a selection of large sea creatures, turning the sensory room into an 'Under the Sea' adventure!

This continued and developed into all areas as we used their under the sea interest to plan activities for them!

Planned activities and Links to the Early Years' Foundation Stage (2012)

Splashing about in the water with the sea creatures!
ExAD: Expresses self through phyiscal action and sound (Being Imaginative: 16-26 months)

Hiding shells in the sand!
Mths: Knows that things exist, even when out of sight (Numbers:16-26 months)

Counting with the fish!
Mths: Recites some number names in sequence (Numbers: 22-36 months)

Making treasure chests with the construction materials
ExAD: Uses various construction materials (Exploring and Using Media and Materials: 30-50 months)

Making pasta necklaces!
ExAD: Experiments with blocks, colours and marks (Exploring and Using Media and Materials: 22-36 months)

Looking and talking through the fish books! 
Describes main story settings, events and principle characters (Reading: 30-50 months)

Imaginary fishing with homemade pretend fishing rods!
AD: Beginning to make believe by pretending (Being Imaginative: 22-36 months)