Rainbow Room

(2 - 3 years)


Welcome to the Rainbow Room!

Practitioners Rachael S, Leanne and Rachael F have lots of fun with the Toddlers as they continue to grow in personality, develop more complex language and learn to manage their personal hygiene 
as they commence their potty training (when they are ready).

Our Routine Signing Laura

personal message from Rachael, Leanne and Rachael
"Our Rainbow Room is full of lively and energetic children ready to investigate and explore. From using their imaginations acting out role play, creating master pieces and getting messy in the craft area, to planting their own fruit and vegetables in the nursery garden, taking nature walks and visiting the animals - the children are always on the go and ready to learn! We help them to gain confidence and independence in all areas of their development, supporting their individual needs by working alongside parents/carers to encourage language, manners and self care. Our Toddlers take pride in gaining our special daily achievements and our weekly Rainbow Award and there is always excitement from the children when French Maureen and Stretch and Grow Sarah arrive for their weekly classes!"