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The Ladybird Room are very excited to announce that we have started weekly 'French' and 'Stretch & Grow' classes
with the Toddlers!
Take a look to see what we've been learning!

As we take part in our extra curricular activities, we enjoy building relationships with the Toddler children and practitioners, facilitating our transitions as we move up from the Ladybird Room to the Rainbow Room when we turn 2years*. 

*2years is given as a guide only and transitions depend on whether we are confident your child is ready for the Toddler Room and Toddler room place availability.

Jolie Ronde French
with Maureen Augey

Monday @ 10am

We are really enjoying our French class with Maureen on a Monday morning! We start by saying “Bonjour!” [hello] to all our friends and think about the current weather: is the ‘soleil’ [sun] out? Or, is it “il pleut” [raining]?

Our next job is to wake up Bon Bon [teddy] and to find him in Maureen’s bag. We all enjoy playing “cou-cou salut!” [peek-a-boo, hi!] as he comes out to see us. If we are sitting beautifully, we are chosen to give Bon Bon a “calin” [cuddle]!

Once Bon Bon has said "bonjour!" we look through his book collection to see what story to share. Recently we have been reading the story about the “pirat” [pirate] and the “princesse” [princess] – we all enjoy wearing our pirate and princess accessories as we listen and join in with songs about Bon Bon’s adventures!

As the end of the session it is time for Bon Bon to go back to bed because he is “fatigue” [tired]. We all say “feit do do” [go to bed] as Bon Bon goes back in the bag.


Stretch & Grow
with Sarah Stower

Tuesday @ 9.30am

Stretch and Grow has been a fantastic addition to the Ladybird routine! We are all really enjoying our Tuesday morning exercise class, keeping healthy and learning new skills!

From pretending to be pirates; rowing boats, digging for treasure, walking the plank, using a telescope and rocking side to side on our pirate ships to pretending to be football players for the upcoming European Championship; with warm up stretches, practicing ball skills, following whistle instructions and scoring goals – we have great fun keeping fit, keeping our hearts healthy and at the end of each session, learning very important lessons about keeping healthy and safe!

This week, we learnt about the importance of keeping safe in/around vehicles: how to cross a road safely and the importance of wearing our seatbelts at all times!

June 2016 Newsletter