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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

As each new baby starts in the unit the parent fills in a Care Plan to help us care and look after the child, both physically and emotional. For example, not just their comforters, but also how they prefer to go to sleep - being patted, rocked or hair stroked. The new child is given a Key Person who will care for the child's individual needs, i.e. nappy changes and bottles, which helps develop a very special bond with the child. We spend time doing group activities to develop social skills and make friendships, at Circle Time we enjoy singing the name song so we can learn each others' names.






Communication and Language

In the Baby Unit we aid language and communication by talking to the children about what we are doing. From simple and daily activities such as changing nappies, to exploring new and exciting resources/materials, we provide a running commentary as part of our extensive interactions with each child.

In addition we enjoy sharing photos from home on our family tree. We talk to the children about each of their families and encourage them to recognise and name their family members. These photos also help strengthen the link between home and nursery.

At circle time we enjoy listening to short stories which helps develop concentration. We love singing songs and rhymes and doing the actions! Our favourite at the moment is "I had a little turtle".

Physical Development

We promote physical development in a variety of ways in the Baby Unit. 

Fine motor skills are developed in the majority of our activities, from using pens, crayons and other mark-making tools, to picking up blocks and building towers. Such activities also develop our hand-eye co-ordination. Our gross motor skills are enhanced by allowing younger babies the space and time to develop skills like rolling, kicking and sitting. We place interesting fabrics, toys and other enticing activities near them so they can develop their skills. We also do activities such as body painting so the children can begin to see the result of the movements they  make. We do a range of activities outdoors too, from water play, to the fort, sandpit to trips to the park, woods and nature reserve!