Butterfly Room      
(0-1 years)



Welcome to the Butterfly Room!

..where the nursery journey begins..


Practitioners Shelley and Lisa S are here to care for your little ones from 2 - 12months as they are supported through developmental stages (e.g. weaning), marvel at first experiences and begin their social development from small group exploration with their friends.


A personal message from Shelley and Lisa:

 “Our main priority in the Butterfly room is to ensure the babies are nurtured and happy. We work very closely with our parents/carers as we settle new babies into the Butterfly room making sure we follow their home routine to fulfill their needs. At this age, much of our routine focuses on the primary care of each individual baby and basketfuls of heuristic play! We also plan a range of activities for each child based upon the observations we carry out each day. These can be anything from reading stories, developing their physical skills, or getting very messy and creative!”


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