We love the outdoors!


Going on a bear hunt, 
Squelching through the mud
Uh-oh, it's started raining,
Oh-well, let's put up our hood!

Splashing in the puddles,
Don't we love our wellie-bobs!
Out and about in our high-vis vests
Don't care if we look odd!

The sun is out, let's go to the park!
Swings, slides and see-saw too,
On our travels, spot the animals
It's like we're at the zoo!

If you go down to the woods today,
Watch out, we may be there too!
With dens and pens, sticks and tricks,
We may even be playing BOO! 

Shh...let's be quiet, we're at the nature reserve...
Can you see that bunny over there, do you think it heard?
Oh look! There's a butterfly, a dragonfly and a bee.
We love to watch the ducks from the jetty,
If you're careful, you can come and sit with me.

To the field we go for high energy fun!
Let's see who is the fastest to complete the run!
Bring on the parachute.
Please pass me the ball.
Can you make a daisy chain?
"Oops, up you get!" - just a little fall!

We're off on a walk down the lane,
Oh wait... Look - a secret path!
Please note: The risk assessment has been done,
A style or 2 wont stop our fun!

Through the leafy archway...
Around a ribbeting pond...
Over a style and under a fence,
I could do with a rest, is there a bench?
Follow on through the corn-fields,
With corn above our heads!
We're on a real adventure now,
Like the ones we dream up in bed! 

Out in our nursery garden,
Where we like to both exercise and chill.
Sandpit - fort - climbing wall and cars,
We still get all our thrills!
We all enjoy our gardening 
And looking after the rabbit.
Occasionally we play with her cage...
Oops she got out again - don't make that a habit! 

Outdoor play with Station House is absolutely brill!
Come rain or shine, wind or snow,
Outside play - off we go!
Garden - Park - Field - Hagg Wood,
All are do'able with a sunhat or hood!

So if you love the outdoors like we do,
Then you really should come and see!
With all the adventures we go on,
Who knows what the next one might be?!