Stretch and Grow!

Physical Activity


"Regular physical activity during the early years provides immediate and long-term benefits for physical and psychological well-being. Physical activity includes all forms of activity, such as walking, active play and active games. Children are more likely to maintain a healthy weight if they are physically active for at least 180 minutes (three hours) each day, as recommended for children aged under five years in the UK."
(Eat Better, Start Better 2012:9)


Stretch and Grow at Station House Nursery!

Stretch and Grow is the world's leading programme for children's health and exercise and one in which the children at Station House Nursery love to take part in!

Every other week, fun, energetic and informative sessions are led not only for the children but for the practitioners too!

Their physical activities are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage and can also cater for nursery's current interests and themes. Within the sessions the children learn about their bodies; how to keep them healthy by thinking about what they eat/drink and how different types of exercise can strengthen different muscles and bones.

Each session is fun packed with a variety of activities using different equipment. In addition, they provide a monthly newsletter to advise what is coming up, the area of the EYFS that will be focussed upon and any current news (please see below!)

Our qualified instructor is Sarah Stower, an enthusiastic, friendly and bubbly lady whose passion for exercise and healthy living passes on to the children and practitioners alike. Sarah visits Station House Nursery every Tuesday and captures the attention of all the children through stories, songs and dance.