Independence and Self Care


At Station House we strive to promote independence and self-care throughout the Nursery. Starting in the Butterfly room, the children are encouraged and supported to help wash their hands and face and then in the Ladybird Room, encouraged to begin to become independent in their self-care through wiping their own nose and putting the tissue in the bin and locating and helping to put on their coats and shoes.

Once in the Rainbow Room, the children's developing language highlights their desire and determination to demonstrate their independence. From self-dressing in the role play area, to finding their own cup (and each others!) and pouring themselves a drink, to starting to show an understanding of what a toilet/potty is used for and how we keep ourselves healthy through washing our hands before food/after using the bathroom. 

As the children move into the Sunshine "PreSchool" Room, their independence is a huge factor in how they learn and manage their day. From arriving and greeting each other at registration time, enjoying a self service Cafe style snack, filing away their master pieces in their individual trays, helping to tidy up, being self reliant in their toileting and understanding the importance of personal hygiene, the pre-schoolers are always on the go and developing the skills they need as they prepare for school. 

See how we show our independence!