Potty Training (Back to the Rainbow Room Homepage)

In the Toddler Room we encourage and support the children when both you and your child are ready to begin Potty Training.

This is a special time and an important step in a child's development, gaining self-esteem and great independence.

With easy access to our Nursery bathrooms, prompted trips, spontaneous trips and each child taken each time they ask, the potty training experience is a fun, exciting and exhilarating time! To support your child, our bathrooms are equipped with a number of different style potties, miniature toilets, toilet booster seats and steps to the sinks, so each child feels comfortable in their potty training adventure. 

We understand that all children start Potty Training at different ages, yet find that the children encourage each other in reaching this next step.

We will work alongside you and your child when they are ready and comfortable to begin, giving them lots of praise and rewarding them through stickers!

Please see your child's Key Person, or any of the Toddler Room staff if you have any questions relating to Potty Training, or if you want advice as to when to start potty training with your child.