Butterfly Room Routine

Within the Butterfly Room, the practitioners follow the individual routines of each child, for example: bottles and sleeps. Therefore the room routine is flexible to change to suit the group of children in each day.

7.30am Welcome and Breakfast
 7.30 - 9.00am Freeplay
9.00am Heuristic/Messy/Free Play 
9.30am  Outdoor Play!
 10am Snack time 
10.15am   *Nappy Changing
 10.30am Morning Bottles and Sleeps
 10.30am Heuristic/Messy/Free Play
 11.45am Singing 
 12noon Lunch 
12.45pm Heuristic/Messy/Free Play 
2pm Snack
2.15pm *Nappy Changing
2.30pm Afternoon Bottles and Sleeps
2.30pm Heuristic/Messy/Free Play
3.45pm Singing
4pm Tea
4.30pm Free Play
5.30 - 6.30pm Home Time
*Times are given as routine nappy changes. Nappies are continuously checked and changed when required.